Assassins Craft Minecraft Mod

Assassins Craft Minecraft mod is not 100% like real Assassins Creed scenario but with Minecraft and this mod you can create new game, really like Assassins Creed and add ability to game which gameplay can be really improved and you can have a real option of playing Assassins Creed game with weapons, maps and much more new things.


When you start this mod and you of course become assassin in Minecraft world, with citizens, buildings, guards with weapons etc. For better experience you must craft Animus and place it at map and you must build portals. In this mod you will have different mobs, which can have weapons and attack you. Also you must craft different tools and supplies to progress in game, actually you must craft very large variety of weapons and tools.

Some of weapons in this mod are Hidden GUn, Apple of Eden, Tomahawk, Hidden Blade, Altair’s Sword and Hook Blade. Long range weapons are cannons and guns. Some of mobs are Havyguard, Citizens, Assassins, Doctor, Generals, Thieves and animals.