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Assassins Craft Minecraft Mod

Assassins Craft Minecraft mod is not 100% like real Assassins Creed scenario but with Minecraft and this mod you can create new game, really like Assassins Creed and add ability to game which gameplay can be really improved and you can have a real option of playing Assassins Creed game with weapons, maps and much more new things.


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Invasion Mod

Invasion Mod is great because in Minecraft you can defense your fortress, different mobs will be spawned near you and you must kill them all. In this mod there is variety of settings which you can configure and choose where mobs will appear and how much mobs will be there. You will spend time to build walls and fortifying your home, that is a booring part but great challenge come when invasion come and when mobs start with attack.


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Recipe Book Mod

Nevertheless we love Minecraft philosophy of gameplay, it gets to be right away challenging to determine the complete extent of that which you are permitted to construct, forcing you to tab out and in of your sport as you examine the wiki for information. The recipe ebook mod places the wiki in the recreation, supplying you a listing of each makeable item inside the game and also the components will need to assemble them. It’s attractively packaged inside of a reserve which your character can carry along with him as he would any of your guides crafted to the video game.



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Deadlock 2 Map


You just discover a truth about facility called Deadlock, and you must see whats really happen there and what is that big secret? Well secret is a big underground facility, where Deadlock trying to make some creatures which will use to wipe out entire earth. Really smart plan but you are here to save us all. You can kill all monsters but you aslo accidentally killed your uncle. Now you must travel in past to save him. After time travel you will wake up in some forest, without any idea where you are. You must find Mr. Turner and save him, and aslo you must make a new time machine because you must go back into future. You can play this map with your friends, read all signs and your main goal is to make time machine.

Map size: 7.6 MB
Creator: warfcat
Download Deadlock 2 Map

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MobCages Mod

Each Minecraft player have problem with mobs, but with this mode you can make animal farm with mobs because you can easily make cages and catch or transport mobs in that cages. You can easily make cage with iron bars and wooden planks. With this cage you can transport animals or mobs or whatever you want because this mod provide a whole new fun level to you in game. You can also create a multiple cages and keep it in your inventory for new mobs.

cage mod

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