Chocolate Better Dungeon Mod

If you enjoy in Minecraft map exploring and finding hidden dungeons and valley in game, but in last few games you can’t find anything interesting at maps, then Chocolate Better Dungeon mod is great thing for you. This mod add dungeons in Minecraft with many surprises which just wait for you to discover it and find a new adventure in Minecraft world.

Better Dungeons

Chocolate Dungeon mod brings new dungeons with different variations and you will find seven new designed dungeons ready to be explored. Every dungeon come with dangerous mobs and other new things. At deepest level in every dungeon you will find a ugly mob boss which just waiting for you. If you defeat them then you will get a new crafted items and valuable loots. So ask yourself, can you survive in this dungeons and can you defeat all mobs. If you can, then download this mod right now.

In dungeons you will find amazing things, there is a huge pirate ships wrecked at beach or some floating at water, also you will find different strongholds, pyramids in deserts etc. This mod added new complexity to caves and you will find new and dangerous monster mobs. Some features in this mode is: teleport, healing, long bow, mining scroll, vamp scroll and this is only some of them, there is a huge list of features which you can find. So if you are true adventurer then you must download this mod and try new underground Minecraft world.