Invasion Mod

Invasion Mod is great because in Minecraft you can defense your fortress, different mobs will be spawned near you and you must kill them all. In this mod there is variety of settings which you can configure and choose where mobs will appear and how much mobs will be there. You will spend time to build walls and fortifying your home, that is a booring part but great challenge come when invasion come and when mobs start with attack.


So basically in this mod you can control mobs and locations where mobs will be spawned at. Also you can set different difficulty level of mobs attacking. Different difficulty level will increase mobs perform and abilities to challenge you. Mobs will invade and destruct your territory and buildings. Also you can set different traps to spawn places which will hurt your mobs and help you to defend your base. Invasion Mod is good for you to test your skills and you will have much fun with killing different mobs in this game.